It is not just the product we sell, it is also our involvement, our commitment and the support we provide to the community who makes the product. As human beings we believe that we are at our best when we start thinking that we can improve other people’s lives.

Here at Karité Makeda, we sell good quality unrefined Shea butter, invest in children’s education, and use the product we sell.

We started as a local shop in Montréal back in 2005 called Couleurs d’Afrique, importing and selling African art.  Our original intention was to support African artists from distant shores, bring their products to the North American market and help to improve the quality of life for some of the people we share the planet with.

 A couple of years later, we introduced the unrefined shea butter and it was an instant hit, here in Montréal, in our little plateau community where we live and do business. Almost all of our customers back then were from Montréal; they lived and worked on the plateau. We became known as the little African shop, with real shea butter on Mont-Royal.

The interest in our shea butter grew. We started getting customers from outside our plateau community as well as calls from outside Montréal. It took us a few years to be able to import the shea butter in large enough quantities before beginning to dream of expanding.

Along the way, we made a few friends; some became our mentors and are still around today. My homage goes out to Mr. Hany Khoury for his outstanding and constant support and advice. Most of our original customers still support us today.

Makeda shea butter can currently be found in about 80 shops around Quebec and that number keeps growing. 


In 2012 we chose to divide the business. The shea butter became Karité Makeda, and the art part remained under COULEURS D’AFRIQUE.

Other projects are currently underway. 

  • In winter 2014, we will be introducing the “African Black soap” made with Makeda Shea butter as part of our MAKEDA LINE OF PRODUCTS. Shampoo and lip balm will follow.
  • We are currently working on African organic and fair trade dried fruits which should also be introduced during winter 2014 under the name MAZAO ORGANIC PRODUCTS.
  • In spring 2015, we will launch “PROPERTY OF AFRICA”: A line of clothing.
  • Summer 2015: We will open “PLACE CONGO”: Organic raw vegetable Juice bar and African organic products. 

Couleurs d’Afrique continues as our African art Experiment 

We appreciate your support. We love what we do. We are proud to be able to work to improve the life of people. 

As the company grows in size, we remain focused on the quality of our products. We will not be diverted from our original goal, and we will remain committed to satisfying our customer’s needs.

Please visit us often.

-Akovi Gunn