School fees

It is a proven fact that poverty is directly related to the level of education. The more the people of a given country are educated, the less poor they are.

At Karite Makeda and at Couleurs d’Afrique we understand that too well. We have set up a fund in order to help pay school tuition for some of the children that we know might not be able to go to school otherwise. On every product that we sell, there is a percentage that we use to contribute to that fund.

We like what we do, we are proud to be helping ourselves.



Scholarship Fund for Green Consciousness

Agbodrafo, a little village off the coast of West Africa (Togo), my hometown.

Growing up, my life wasn’t any different from the lives of the kids next door. In fact, our lives were similar to those of kids in most places around the world. We went to school, played soccer and talked to girls, even though we were not very successful in that department. I remember a headmaster we had at some point who insisted at the beginning of the school year that each one of us plant a tree. We were to be graded at the end of the academic year on the prospect of our tree.

For me, that was when it started.   

My environmental awareness or green consciousness begun. I must have been around 14 or 15 years of age. That year, in my school, we planted about 500 trees on the school compound. Since we were to be graded at the end of the year on how well one’s tree turned out at the end of the year, we had no choice than to take good care of our tree during the entire school year. 

The results were phenomenal. Fast forward to 2014, almost 30 years later.

My former school’s compound still exists today and is dominated by big trees, everywhere. It is common today to see the people of my village enjoy the fruits of the trees that we planted some thirty years ago. The students today enjoy and benefit from having trees everywhere around the school. There is much reason to start this project up again, as it was unfortunately discontinued.

At Couleurs d’Afrique, we have set up a scholarship fund where students will be required to plant a tree at the beginning of the academic year, just like we did in our time. Except that at the end of the year, this time, there will be a couple of winners and scholarship awarded.

We have chosen to work with much younger kids, younger than we were in our time. Hopefully, these generations of school students will grow up fully aware of the benefits of having trees around and keeping them.  At Couleurs d’Afrique, we believe in protecting the environment. We understand the value of having trees around and we have set an objective to contribute in keeping my village green!